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Hi Teoh,

Hi Teoh,

Thank you for your service(s) to the greater community. From the looks of things, I have a feeling you are sharing your knowledge and expertise internationally. I'd like to be doing that someday.

I have only begun to explore your site and I find value everywhere I look.
But, I did find a glitch and wanted to let you know. I have been an Amazon affiliate for a minute about 5 years ago. (minimal set-up knowledge). I think your affiliate link(s) may be busted. It also occurs to me that it may have something to do with different formatting from one country to another or one operating system to another. I don't have a handle on HTML and I feel as though I don't know the lingo.

Bottom line, when I click your link to look at the blunt needle and syringe I went to Amazon, but what loaded was only slightly comprehensive. It recognized me, (my computer, and I'm a frequent flyer @ Amazon), and I would be concerned that your link works properly so you get your due. Trying to navigate the messed up page would be a hassle and turn off.

Thanks again. You may hear more from me.
I look forward to any reply.

Oh, where do you hail from?

All the best!