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Review: Butouch Digital Painting Brush Stylus by Silstar

This is the Butouch digital painting brush stylus made by Silstar.

It's actually a capacitive stylus that's similar to those rubber tip stylus in action, except the tip here is made of bristles. I'm not exactly sure of the material they used for the bristles but most likely it's synthetic. Anyway, the hairs are soft enough. There's no way to post the cap on the back so that's a minor inconvenience.

To reveal the bristles, you just uncap it, push the silver looking part upwards and it will lock into place.

So this stylus is designed to mimic a brush so I think you'll get the most satisfaction when using painting programs with brushes. If you use a pen or pencil tool with this stylus, you'll feel the disconnect. So if you're the type of artists who likes to use digital brushes, this is more suitable for you.

Overall, it performs well as expected.

I'm not sure if I like the build quality. The body is made of metal but it feels quite hollow. It's lightweight, almost as light as a pencil. I prefer something that has a more substantial weight to it especially when this stylus cost slightly over USD $30.

Since it's a capacitive stylus, you can use it on any tablet, such as Android, Windows or iPad.

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