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Sketching at Lokal Cafe (9 March 2016)

Here are some sketches draw at Lokal Cafe a few days ago. They are located at 136 Neil Road, Singapore.

This is the kitchen. The numerous knives on the wall caught my attention. The knives are sticked onto a, I presume, magnetic bar which I had drawn in front of the knives but actually should be behind. Opps. It was dim and I could not see clearly. There was a crew with bright blue hair. O_o

Lines on the brick wall were coloured with white gel pens.

This is the second sketch where I was looking at the counter. I left it uncoloured because I did not had the time to finish it.

This is the coloured version where I completed at home. The colours were enhanced in Photoshop. The original colours are a bit dull because the paper surface is not treated properly. By the way, I used QoR watercolours on Khadi Papers sketchbook.

This is the video tutorial of the colouring process. Note that the colours are less saturated.

Lastly a sketch at Bukit Pasoh.

Here's the timelapse sketch of Bukit Pasoh.