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Book Review: The LEGO Architect

The LEGO Architect - 01

This book is more educational than I thought it would be.

Each chapter starts with an architecture style, and then shows you some beautiful examples of creations from other artists, followed by a step by step guide to how you can build your own building in that particular style.

The writeup is brief but enough to tell you the main features of each architecture style. There are also nice photograph examples of famous buildings built in those styles.

It's also great to see the recreation of famous buildings by other LEGO creators. I can imagine how therapeutic it is when putting the LEGO bricks together, and see a building slowing coming together.

As for the projects provided, they are actually smaller scale projects that focus on the main features of each architecture style you have just read. So you're not going to be building actual famous buildings, but simplified buildings inspired by those iconic examples.

All the part numbers for the bricks you need to complete the projects are listed. Having the LEGO Architecture Studio 21050 Playset is a good starting point that will provide you with a good amount of building materials. However, you will definitely need to go to their LEGO online store to order more should you want to follow through all the examples in the book.

Overall, it's an educational and fun activity book for LEGO fans, especially those who love architecture.

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