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In Australia I can get Winsor

In Australia I can get Winsor & Newton 100% cotton cold press watercolour sketchbooks with distinctive royal blue covers. The signature bound books ("Visual Journal") are available in A5 (landscape) and A4 (portrait); 300gsm; choice of hard cover or soft cover. The double wire bound books with polypropylene front cover and thick card back cover ("Visual Diary") are available in 200gsm or 300gsm; A4 or A5; portrait only. They are all 20 sheets/40 pages.

There is also the W&N "Professional Water Colour Journal" which is 15 sheets of 300gsm, A5 landscape, double wire bound, grey cover. This is a newer line I think, which makes me wonder if the ones with the royal blue covers are being phased out.

And of course Etchr Lab are now selling hard cover sketchbooks with 100% cotton paper. Sadly, no portrait orientation options, not even in A4.