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Hi Teo!

Hi Teo!
I've recently fallen down the rabbit hole of wonders of fountain pen sketching. I'm glad Nora asked about your sketch ink because I was wondering too. I have heard Noodler's Bulletproof Black can take a while to dry, could you tell us how long you generally have to wait before using light watercolour washes over top? I have also heard if too much Noodler's Bulletproof is applied, the top layer may never truly dry. I've read nano carbon pigment inks such as Platinum Carbon Black and the more affordable Rohrer and Klingner's sketchINK Lotte are decent options for waterproofness but I hear they require more pen maintenance, and could clog. Noodler's Bulletproof sounds ideal tho so long as it doesn't dry too slowly.
Many thanks for all your reviews and amazing artworks! You've helped me decide on a Kuretake 13 with Platinum converter and a Duke 209. I'm looking forward to trying them when they arrive, but now I need to choose an ink!

Thanks for your time!