Behind the Scenes of Day & Night with Teddy Newton

Teddy Newton is a character designer at Pixar and here's his new book Day & Night.

It's a children's book, 40 pages, published by Chronicle Books.

Here are direct links to the book: | | | | | |




I love Pixar, and I've loved

I love Pixar, and I've loved their past shorts and movies, but I did not like this short. It's a very interesting idea, but it just didn't turn out that well. It just didn't fee like there was a reason to keep watching -- no real conflict.

It goes without saying that,

It goes without saying that, like Psych, I love Pixar's work. I thought night and day was fantastic but perhaps not quite as satisfying as previous shorts - i.e. it didn't really have a standard ending. Simply put, Night and Day become friends and understand the others perspective. Still, it was fun to watch!

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