Review: Sketching Your Point of View with Paul Heaston (Craftsy)

This is Paul Heaston's third pen and ink drawing tutorial course on Craftsy. The earlier two are Sketchbooks: Drawing the Everyday and Pen & Ink Essentials.

If you're a beginner who wants to learn pen and ink drawings, I would recommend the earlier two course.

Sketching Your Point of View is an intermediate course that builds on some of the knowledge from the earlier courses. So you'll need some basic drawing skills to get the most out of it.

The lessons included in this 106-min course are:

  1. Understanding Subject Matter - 25 min
  2. Value - 15 min
  3. Proportion & Scale - 17 min
  4. Intuitive Perspective - 17 min
  5. Wide-Angle Exterior - 23 min
  6. Wide-Angle Interior - 9 min

As usual, Paul Heaston offers lots of practical tips through the course.

The course starts off with a simple still life sketch just to demonstrate the basic techniques and also to show you that you can get ideas to draw anywhere, even at home.

Subsequent chapters talk about some basic principles to make your drawing look better, such as using value, proportion and scale.

The last three lessons are demonstrations on perspective drawings. The first perspective drawing is quite easy to follow along because the concepts are pretty straightforward.

The other two perspective lessons actually show you how to draw curvilinear perspective, such as those fish-eye effect. This course is great for those who want to draw panorama scenes and ultra wide angle views. It's pretty cool and challenging, definitely something that will make your sketch stand out.

Overall, it's a course that's easy to follow along provided you already have some basic drawing skills, at least you should be able to draw simple subjects from observation. The more technical lessons teaches you how to interpret scenes and draw them a bit differently, e.g. with some distortion, than how they look in real life.

This is a great add-on to the earlier courses and one I think can bring your drawing skills to the next level of fun.

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