Bronzite and Burnt Bronzite (Daniel Smith Watercolor)

Daniel Smith's Bronzite Genuine is made from the Bronzite stone found in Brazil. It's a warm bronze colour that looks distinctly different from the many earth colours from Daniel Smith's range.

Skin tone like colours can be produced by mixing with reds. With French Ultramarine, a neutral looking gray can be produced. With Cerulean Blue Chromium, there's a slight hint of green.

Highlight of both Bronzite colours is the sparkle created by the tiny bits of iron oxide. The sparkling bits can be distracting or not depending on the effect you are creating.

Burnt Bronzite Genuine is a more reddish version of Bronzite.

When mixed with reds, you get warm skin tones. When mixed with French Ultramarine, there's a hint of violet. With Cerulean Blue Chromium, the gray looks neutral.

This can be the sparkling version of Burnt Sienna.

Both colours are from Series 3 so they are more pricey compared to the Series 1 earth colours.

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