Review: Figure Drawing: An Essential Guide by Patricia Watwood (Craftsy Course)

The instructor is fine art artist Patricia Watwood.

I've previously featured Patricia's other video course on Craftsy titled 10 Essential Techniques for Better Drawing. Figure Drawing: An Essential Guide is sort of a follow up to her other course. It uses techniques and terminology that were taught there. Anyway, even if you have not enrolled in that drawing course, you'll still do fine in this figure drawing course because it's guided all the way.

Is that a piece of computer RAM that she's wearing as a necklace? Cool.

The course runs for 91 minutes and is split into several parts. It's a casually paced course that you can follow easy.

You'll get to learn the basics of blocking in the general shape, judging proportion, rendering the form using tone to portray light and shadow, and further refine the drawing. The instructions are straightforward and easy to understand. The techniques are shown clearly and well explained.

What's not covered would be the drawing of features on the face. Those are barely mentioned. Anyway, drawing the head and features deserves a separate course by themselves (check out Draw Better Portraits and Drawing Facial Features.

That's the completed drawing that you'll be drawing in this course.

It's a great course. And it's free. Go get it on Craftsy.

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