Daniel Smith PBr7 watercolour pigment compared

Here are swatches of all colours from Daniel Smith that use the pigment PBr7

These are convenient earth colours that good for mixing and neutralising other colours.

Raw Umber vs Burnt Umber

Burnt Sienna vs Italian Burnt Sienna

German Greenish Raw Umber vs Pompeii Red

Tinting strength of German Greenish Raw Umber doesn't seem to be as strong compared to Raw Umber. And just like its name, it is slightly greenish compared to Raw Umber

Monte Amiata Natural Sienna vs Raw Umber

Monte Amiata Natural Sienna is a nice mute yellow earth colour.

Pompeii Red and Italian Burnt Sienna look kinda similar. I won't be able to tell them apart if they are placed side by side without labels. When it comes to mixing, their mixes (in this case with French Ultramarine PB29) also look kinda similar. Burnt Sienna has more red in it so there's hint of violet when mixed with PB29.

Monte Amiata Natural Sienna mixes with PB29 to produce a nice neutralised green.

Monte Amiata Natural Sienna and Raw Sienna mixed with Quinacridone Red PV19. The Siennas are good for mixing skin tones.

Raw and Burnt Umber mixed with PB29. It's kinda difficult to describe the difference. Raw Umber does appear to be cooler in colour temperature. I personally prefer Burnt Umber for the warmer look.


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