Urban Sketching in Black & White: How to Create Monotone Sketches

My new online art course called Urban Sketching in Black & White is now available via Gumroad, Skillshare and Patreon.

In this 131-minute course, you'll learn how to create monotone sketches with pen, ink, watersoluble graphite. This course is suitable for beginners who have no knowledge of drawing.

Learning to create monotone sketches can help improve your fundaments and you can even apply concepts here when you're painting with colours.

Here are the lessons:

  1. Introduction (1 min)
  2. Examples of value sketches (9 min)
  3. Tools and supplies (17 min)
  4. Creating a value scale (23 min)
  5. Thinking in black and white (23 min)
  6. What is Urban Sketching (4 min)
  7. Tutorial part 1/3: Drawing (13 min)
  8. Tutorial part 2/3: Adding value (20 min)
  9. Tutorial part 3/3: Adding details (14 min)
  10. End (1 min)
  11. Bonus lesson (6min)

What's the difference between Gumroad, Skillshare and Patreon

Gumroad is a one-time purchase.

Skillshare is a subscription service where, if you're a premium member, you can get access to a huge variety of classes from other artists as well.

Patreon is a subscription service where you support the creator you like. My courses and past tutorials (from 2017) are available there.

If you want to support me directly, you can get the courses through Gumroad or Patreon. With Skillshare, the money goes into the subscription pool and I've to share with all other artists, but Skillshare is enticing for students because of the large number of classes available.

Regardless of where you get the courses, all downloads are provided. My courses on Gumroad and Patreon have slightly more content because there's a size limitation to the files I can upload on Skillshare.



If you want free tutorials, check out the Youtube playlist with all the tutorials I've created the past few years. Through the tutorials there you can get an idea of how I teach.


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