Review: Samsung Tab S8 Ultra magnetic stand from Lululook

Lululook has finally released the magnetic stand for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and they sent me one to review.

Video review

Here's my video review.

The price at the time of review is US $89. Yes, it's pricey and is even more expensive than the iPad Pro stand and the other Samsung tablet stands I featured.

Design aesthetics for Lululook magnetic stands is quite similar. This is the cute little magnetic stand for the iPhone 12 and 13.

There's the stand that curves into the base with a big rubber pad beneath. And there's a hole on the stand to run a cable through.

This is a good looking stand with good finishing. All the edges are beveled and the surface is matte.

The stand is currently only available in this darker gray colour called Space Grey. The metal is aluminum and the whole stand is made with metal so build quality is excellent.

On the back is a cutout for the S Pen and camera.

The padding for the metal plate is matte textured hard plastic so it should not scratch the tablet.

The side profile is quite thin. The stand is very stable and has good grip on the bottom.

The magnets are really strong so no worries about accidentally knocking the tablet off. The magnets are so strong that they will interfere with the S Pen when writing or drawing on the tablet.

The hinge is stiff and can hold its position well.

The hinge can be adjusted for tilt and rotation. When tablet is horizontal, the bottom of the tablet is about 10.1cm from the table, and when in vertical orientation, the bottom is 4.4cm from the table.

The tablet can be rotated without hitting the base or table.

I don't really have any bad things to say about the stand. Maybe the Lululook logo on the base should go to the back just like the previous stands I've reviewed.

If you use your tablet in a silicone case or flip-cover case, it's going to inconvenient to remove the case so that you can use the stand, and put on the case again should you need to bring the tablet out. Unfortunately, Lululook doesn't sell any magnetic cases that can work with this magnetic stand. Luckily I'm using the Samsung keyboard case which can be removed very easily and quickly.

This is a well designed, well built stand that just looks great. If you have the budget, I'm very sure you will be very satisfied with it.

If you're interested to get this stand, you can find it on Lululook online store and Amazon (US | CA | UK | DE | FR | | ES)


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