Review: Perspective for Sketchers by Stephanie Bower (Craftsy)

I had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie Bower when she was here in Singapore for the Urban Sketchers Symposium 2015. She told me she was creating some video tutorial for Craftsy and back then I didn't know what it was all about. So now, the course is finally out.

Perspective for Sketchers is just like what the title says. This is a beginner's course on how you can use perspective when drawing on location.

Stephanie Bower has worked as a licensed architect before she moved into a career in architectural illustration, concept design and teaching. She's very knowledgeable about her subject and on her Flickr page, you can see many wonderful sketches drawn with perspective in mind.

Her 128-minute course consist of the seven lessons below:

  • Measuring Accurate Proportions
  • Building a Sketch in Layers
  • Concepts of Perspective Space
  • Perspective Angles
  • Using Watercolor
  • Location Sketching: Interior
  • Location Sketching: Streetscape

The course starts with the basics of measuring techniques to ensure that you're drawing the proportions of your subjects accurately. Then it moves on to perspective concepts like how you should think about space, how to frame your composition, how to break down a complicated scene into simpler parts to start, and of course there are examples on how to use one and two point perspective for drawing.

The course ends with two outdoor sessions, one that draws an interior and the other an outdoor scene, to bring all the techniques together and show you how to apply them.

It's an informative and insightful course for beginners. I particularly enjoyed her course because I'm interested in architecture. It's fun to learn the techniques and see wonderful artworks.

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