Review: FPR Quickdraw fountain pen

Fountain Pen Revolution (FPR) sent me some pens to check out and this is one of them.

The FPR Quickdraw is a full-metal fountain pen priced at US $42 (for normal nibs) and $46 (with steel flex nib).

The pen is available in yellow, orange, blue and black. The one with colours look better than the boring black.

Build quality is excellent. The pen measures 13cm when capped and 15.3cm when posted.

The cap has this matte surface with parallel lines running vertically. This is a magnetic cap which will snap when you cap the pen.

The words FPR are engraved at the top of the pen clip.

The grip section is also matte textured.

Design of the nib is quite simple.

That's a #5.5 chrome nib and plastic feed

The nib is available in EF, F, M, B (+$5 more), 1mm stubb (+$5), steel flex (+$4) and extra flex (+19).

The pen can be dismantled completely for easy cleaning. An ink convertor is included.

The pen writes well. The nib is smooth and ink flow is good.

The nib on this particular pen has no flex at all so line widths will be uniform.

In terms of value for money, $42 seems alright for this pen considering the build quality is pretty good.

The main selling point here is you can get the pen with a flex (+$4) or extra flex nib (+$19). If you don't get the flex nib, then it's just a normal fountain pen.

If you're interested in this pen, you can get it at


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