Review: FPR Jaipur V2 fountain pen with extra flexible nib

FPR Jaipur V2 from Fountain Pen Revolution is a pen with flash eye-catching design.

The pen is available in 10 designs. Seven are the Cracked Ice Acrylic designs and three are simple ebonite designs.

The Cracked Ice design has this mosaic-like look with some shimmering elements.

This particular colour for this model I have is Jade. If I can choose (the pen's sponsored), I would personally get either, white, orange, blue, ruby or teal. Jade looks kinda dull to me.

The cap cannot be posted.

This pen uses a built-in piston ink convertor so it's able to hold a lot of ink.

There's a see-through section on the body that let's you see the ink inside.

This is a #6 screw-in swappable nib unit with ebonite feed.

The pen is priced at US $79. The nibs available are EF, F, M, B (+$6), 1mm stub (+$6), steel flex (+$6) and extra flex (+$20). There's also a rollerball version which is US$70.

The ebonite feed is quite thick so when writing, be sure not to tilt the pen too low of the feed will touch the paper and ink will flow.

This pen can be dismantled. I did not remove the nib for the screw-in feed section though. I did not want to damage the soft nib.

The flex nib is considered soft but not as soft compared to vintage fountain pen. This flex nib is able to produce thin and thick lines easily with pressure.

When flexing, more ink will be deposited on the paper so be careful not to run your hand over wet ink. The built-in ink convertor with its large capacity is great for people who write lots of calligraphy.

The ink I'm using is the FPR Mardi Gras fountain pen ink. The ink is suppose to be purple but you can only see the purple with the thin lines.

This pen can be used for writing calligraphy and drawing.

Ink flow is quite good. When flexing, ink flow is still able to catch up with normal writing speed.

The EF lines can be quite thin and work well for hatching.

The overall price of the pen with the extra flexible nib is US $99. The writing and drawing performance is good but in this case I don't particularly like the Jade Cracked Ice look.

If you want to save some money, consider the FPR Himalaya V2 which looks better to me and is US $50 or US $70 with the extra flexible nib.

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