Review: Derwent Artpack Canvas Pencil Case

Derwent Artpack Canvas Pencil Case is nice large size pencil case for those who like to carry lots of stationery out.

The exterior is made of canvas and all the edges are sewn nicely with a dark trimming that goes all around.

The design is simple and functional.

There are two pockets inside the case. At the top is mesh pocket and the bottom is a clear plastic pocket. Each can probably hold around 10 pens or pencils depending on size. The pockets both have zips so there's no worries of things dropped out when their are zipped up.

The case is closed and held by the velcro that runs along the bottom.

The whole case looks and feels durable. Very worthwhile purchase.

Good for those who want a larger than standard size pencil case.

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This is also available on (UK) and Dick Blick Art Materials (US)


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