Pitaka PIXEL GAME case for iPhone 14 Pro & Max, S23 Ultra (review)

Review sample provided by Pitaka

This is the PIXEL GAME limited edition Pitaka MagEZ Case 3 made for the iPhone 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max and Samsung S23 Ultra. And since this is part of the MagEZ product line, it supports MagSafe accessories and wireless charging.

This is priced at US $89.99 and also comes with a phone grip.

This phone case is the 2nd in the Weaving+ series which features better looking designs compared to other Pitaka phone cases. The first case was SUNSET MOMENT and was sold out pretty quickly. This phone case is pricey but apparently it's still popular enough for Pitaka to want to make a second limited edition design.

The tough and durable aramid fiber is the material used to make the phone case. The PIXEL GAME design is inspired by old school games with the dot matrix asesthics.

This is the warrior character.

This is the elf.

The fusion weaving technique is used to create the designs. You can actually feel the texture of the aramid fiber but the phone is pressed real hard to make it thin. The surface texture is matte and the phone case has good grip and is comfortable to hold although the edges are beveled and not rounded off.

Each phone case is numbered and you can find the number on the side of camera protection.

One downside to the case is the sides are not completely covered. There are cutouts for the top, bottom, and sides for the buttons.

The top edge is raised slightly so it's possible to put the phone with display facing down. There's also enough allowance for the use of a screen protector.

The black Pitaka phone cases are quite prone to fingerprint smudges and thankfully this one is not, or at least the fingerprint smudges are not really noticeable.

The magnetic thumb grip is really strong and quite useful as it can also prop up the phone. If you're not into the phone case, you can get the MagEZ Grip separately for US $24.99.

This is a beautiful looking phone case. As for whether it's worth the money, you can decide.

The Pitaka PIXEL GAME phone case is available from Pitaka online store.


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