Penoval Pencil AX Pro stylus for iPad (review): Apple Pencil 2 alternative

Review unit provided by Penoval

The Penoval Pencil AX Pro stylus is almost the best Apple Pencil alternative I've ever tested. It can do everything the Apple Pencil can do except there's no pressure sensitivity, and it's less than half the price at just USD 44.90.

Video review

Here's the video review.

Inside the box you'll find the stylus, one replacement tip and a USB-C to USB-A charging cable.

The design is almost identical to the Apple Pencil except for the USB-C charging port at the back and a power light indicator. Battery life is rated at 10 hours and requires half hour for a full charge. The pen goes to sleep automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity.

The colour, weight, texture, feel are the same. There's even a flat side with strong magnets that can attach to the side of compatible iPad models with the flat sides.

And the pen is compatible with original Apple Pencil replacement pen tips.

The Penoval Pencil AX Pro supports palm rejection and tilt sensitivity but there's no pressure sensitivity. No pairing is required for the pen to work. Just double tap the back of the pen to turn the power on or off.

The pen works great for handwriting and taking notes. Writing is responsive.

Tilt sensitivity works well but there's no pressure sensitivity so this may not be the pen for drawing for artists who require pressure sensitivity.

The drawing performance is pretty good except for the lack of pressure.

The sketch above was drawn with Concepts. Click for a larger view.

The pen is accurate with no diagonal line wobble or jitter which is common to third party stylus. Palm rejection works great. You can get perfect palm rejection with apps that have pen-only input settings.

The Penoval Pencil AX Pro provides good value for the money. It's USD 44.90 vs the USD 129 Apple Pencil and you're getting almost everything Apple Pencil has to offer except for pressure sensitivity. I don't think artists would buy this pen due to the lack of pressure sensitivity, but for everyone else who just need a more affordable stylus for their iPad, this is actually quite a good deal.


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"It can do everything the

"It can do everything the Apple Pencil can do except there's no pressure sensitivity" after that sentence I stopped reading...

why should I buy, as an artist, a pencil without pressure sensitivity? such a pencil is useless, even more because he has no extra features compared to the apple pen 2 (execpt for the price dimension)

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