Illustrated Sketchbooking in Full Color by James Chapman (online course review)

James Chapman is an author and artist based in UK. Take a look at the art on his Instagram page and you'll find out he's really into pop culture, movies specifically. He likes to use opaque paint markers to draw scenes from inspired by movies. His stylised art looks terrific.

In this online art course Illustrated Sketchbooking in Full Color, he shows you exactly how he creates those illustrations.

The course covers his inspiration, the tools you'll need, step by step tutorials, editing and sharing your work online.

It's a guided course with instructions that are easy to follow along. You just have to make sure to have paint markers (he uses UNI Posca) to practice. There are many tips on drawing, composition, colouring and colour schemes.

What I like about this course is, it really shows off the potential of what opaque paint markers can create. The stylized artworks with bold colouring look terrific.

It's a fun course. Great for those who want to get started with making art. It's suitable for beginners.

5 out of 5 stars.

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Price of this course is usually around US $19, but the price will vary depending on whether there are any promotion.

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