Book Review: L'ile de tatihou

L'ile de tatihou - 01

This was published in 1997 so I'm guessing this should be one of the earliest sketchbook by Fabrice Moireau. I was fortunate enough to buy one of the last few copies left on Amazon UK.

This 64-page book is only slightly larger than A5 size. So it's not too big.

The book is in French so I can't make out what's written. From Wikipedia, I found out that Tatihou is actually an island of Normandy in France. It says there that the island is almost uninhabited so I'm guessing the people who were sketched in the book are from the other shores.

The watercolour sketches here are paintings of the seascape and landscape. boat making, old war forts and selected miscellaneous items such as tools fishermen would use, uniforms of war soldiers.

The art is charming as always. Watercolour with pencils. Beautiful colours. And probably interesting stories.

L'ile de tatihou - 02

L'ile de tatihou - 03

L'ile de tatihou - 04

L'ile de tatihou - 05

L'ile de tatihou - 06

L'ile de tatihou - 07

L'ile de tatihou - 08

L'ile de tatihou - 09

L'ile de tatihou - 10

L'ile de tatihou - 11

L'ile de tatihou - 12

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