Book Review: Drawing Recipes (Drawing Recipes Collection) (Volume 1)

The thought of turning a collection of family recipes into art has never crossed my mind. Not until I came upon Drawing Recipes (Drawing Recipes Collection) (Volume 1) by Italian comics artist Chiara Di Francia.

In this book, Chiara cleverly combines her two greatest passion –food and art into a collection of illustrated recipes.

Each recipe entails drawings of food ingredients painted in vibrant colors.

There are a total of 74 illustrated recipes in this book, each being categorized into one of the seven food groups – namely;

  • breakfast & brunch
  • appetizers
  • salads
  • main dish
  • pasta
  • second course
  • desserts

Do not expect a detailed, wordy explanation of the food preparation process in each recipe (which is covered within only one page) as Chiara explains how to prepare your favorite dishes entirely through drawings - instead, you will be guided by arrows in each step of the illustrations. (Chiara will of course state the amount of ingredients needed to prepare each dish – for example; 25g of butter, 200ml of milk, 125g of flour and 15g of sugar for pancakes.)

You may also find some short instructions within each step (for example; the temperature to set and time to leave your meringues in the oven).

If you are a food enthusiast who also loves art, this interesting recipe art book is for keeps!

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