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@ David - Yesterday I went to

@ David - Yesterday I went to the bookshop to check the book out. Parka is right, it's indeed filled with amazing paintings/drawings, render images, and illustrations as well as storyboard frames. However the drawback is that the large sized illustrations aren't spectacularly clear, they look as if they're really cheap which would be wrong for me to say but it's kind of the truth. If I were you, I'd rather buy a better book - I mean once you have an AMAZING The Art Of book, you can't go back to buying these books that aren't as good as what you have. I bought The Art of Tangled, and it changed my perspective and I have been increasingly picky as to whether or not to buy these books. The Art of Cars 2 just came out last week, so that means you'll have lots of time to wait for other books to arrive.