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Review: Pitaka Samsung S24 Ultra Case

Review sample provided by Pitaka

These are the new cases Pitaka has released for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series phones. They are available in regular black, Sunset or Moonrise designs. Price of each case is USD 64.99 and USD 69.99 respectively.

Pitaka actually sent me these review samples after I had returned my S24 Ultra review unit so I am not able to show you how the phone looks with the case on. Anyway, I've reviewed several Pitaka phone cases before so I know they will fit the phones perfectly.

Main selling point of Pitaka phone cases is they are thin and lightweight. And since they are thin, I'm not too sure how well they will protect the phone against dents.

That's how thin the case is. One downside to the case design is the case does not cover all the sides. Top and bottom sides are covered but not the left and right long sides.

The fusion weaving design looks good and has a nice matte texture. Grip is good, not slippery. Note that the black colour will attract fingerprint smudges more easily compared to the coloured design. And fingerprint smudges on the fusion weaved surface are not easy to wipe off.

Camera cutouts are precise.

The case supports Magsafe and hence can be used with Magsafe accessories such as those made for iPhones, eg grips, stands, wireless chargers, car mount. Magnet is quite strong. Wireless charging is supported.

Another accessory you can consider is the MagEZ Grip that cost USD 24.99. This attaches strongly to the phone and provides better ergonomics when holding a big phone. The grip can also be used as a stand to prop up the phone.

And lastly Pitaka also sells glass screen protector for the S24 phones. The box comes with two pieces and they cost USD 24.99.

The screen protector feature camera cutouts so as not to affect the camera's image quality, and they do not affect the under display fingerprint scanner.

Do note that the S24 Ultra (not the S24 and S24+) has the anti-glare display, so putting a screen protector on will make the display very reflective again.

These are probably the slimmest cases you can find for the S24 series phones in the market. They are pricy but they do look good and feel good. Downside is as mentioned above, they don't protect all sides. As to whether they are worth the money, you can decide.


You can find these cases and more accessories from Pitaka online store