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Qwiizlab iPad Pro magnetic stand (review)

Review unit provided by Qwiizlab

Here's another iPad Pro magnetic stand sent to me for review. I've already reviewed so many iPad stands that these are starting to look like marketing posts. I guess they are in a way but this is also a review.

Listed below are the other iPad stands from Qwiizlab, a company that sells computer accessories:

  • US1011 - US $79, made for iPad Pro 11 inch (2018 or newer), iPad Air 4 and 5
  • US1012 - US $79, made for iPad Pro 12.9 inch (2018 or newer)
  • US1011 Pro - US $109, stand and USB hub made for iPad Pro 11 inch (2018 or newer), iPad Air 4 and 5

The review unit I have is the US1012. The US1011 Pro is the more interesting stand because it's also a USB hub. Unfortunately I do not have an iPad Pro 11 so I can't test that. Anyway, all the iPad stands have similar designs.

This is a beautiful iPad magnetic stand with solid build quality. The only colour is Space Gray.

The stand is made with aluminium. Metal surfaces are matte textured, corners are rounded off, and edges are beveled. The finishing is good and this looks and feels like a premium product.

There are four pieces of rubber feet with good grip on the table.

The stand comes in separate pieces so the base has to be screwed onto the stand. A small screwdriver and screws are provided.

The back plate has silicone padding to prevent scratches on the iPad. The magnets are so strong that it's more likely to knock both the iPad and stand over rather than the iPad off from the plate.

Note that this stand cannot be used with most iPad cases.

The hinge is strong and supports tilt and rotation.

The iPad Pro can rotate vertically without the corners hitting the base. Distance from the bottom of the iPad when it's horizontal and vertical are 8.7cm and 5.4cm respectively.

This is a well designed and good looking stand. The price of US $79 is quite competitive compared to other brands. I don't really have any negative things to say about this stand.

If you're interested to get this, you can get it from Qwiizlab online store.