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Hi, what do you think about

Hi, what do you think about this book? I'm not sure that this is much of a review - more of a preview.
I have some of these books but have given up buying them. They are very nice to look at but they are quite random books with lots of advice about all sorts of niche topics. They are super-cool but very random. I guess I would have loved a book about characters, a book about backgrounds, a book about vehicles etc.
I sort of feel as though I need to keep buying their books to achieve great insight but that each individual book only gives me a limited amount of material that I am actually interested in.
Sorry, I know that sounds random but I sometimes feel that these books are over-hyped. They are pretty and the Etherington style is wonderful but that the content is sort of scatter-gun. That is not to insult the authors. I wish them every success but I feel I can't justify buying any more of their books.