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Review: Magflott iPad Pro Magnetic Stand

Magflott is a magnetic stand made for the iPad Pro 11 & 12.9, and is sold by CharJenPro. This product was made possible thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign that ended in 2021 with 1707 backers.

The review unit I have is actually the pre-production unit received during the promotion of the Kickstarter campaign. So what I have here may not be the final product.

I have reviewed many tablet stands and this two-colour design stands out compared to the common all-gray look you see with the countless magnetic iPad stands out in the market.

While the Kickstarter campaign has already ended, the product is now available for sale to the public and the price at time of this review on their website is US $129. It's $119 on Amazon. The Kickstarter price was US $99. And magnetic stands from other companies are usually priced around US $70 - 90. So this stand is noticeably more expensive compared to others.

The design looks nice. The black part is hard plastic and the base is metal. All surfaces are matte textured and edges are beveled.

The padding on the mounting plate is microfiber. The hidden magnets are so strong you have to hold the base to pull the iPad away.

There's a hole on the stand for cable management

The stand comes disassembled so you have to put the stand together on your own with the included screws and screwdriver.

The design has the stand inserted into the base.

A U-shaped USB-C charging cable is included so that the cable will not stick out like a sore thumb from the side of the tablet. That USB-C cable is also available separately for US $13.30 (usual price $20). Buy the way, you can buy the U-shape USB cable adapters elsewhere to fix onto your standard USB-C cables. It's much cheaper and you get to reuse your cables.

One issue I have with this magnetic stand is the hinge holding the plastic plate wobbles slightly. When you have the iPad Pro on the plate, the tablet can wobble slightly when you touch it. I'm not sure if it's an issue with the pre-production unit that I have, or if it's really a design issue. But otherwise the hinge works fine and can tilt and rotate for vertical orientation.

Most iPad stands I've reviewed use metal hinge so I'm not sure how durable this plastic + metal hinge combo will be.

For US $129 or $119 on Amazon, it's a magnetic tablet stand just like other magnetic tablet stands which are around $70 - 90. You really have to ask yourself whether you like this design enough to spend the extra $29 to $59 dollars. The other iPad magnetic stands are very well designed with solid build quality too.

If you're interested to get the MagFlott Magnetic Stand, you can find it on CharJenPro online store and on Amazon (US | CA | UK | DE | FR | IT | ES)