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Book Review: Normandie Aquarelles by Fabrice Moireau and Olivier Frébourg

Normandie Aquarelles - 01

Big thanks to publisher Les Éditions du Pacifique for providing the book for this review. The publisher is based in France and is actually the sister company of Editions Didier Millet, another publisher that specialises in illustrated and reference books.

Normandie Aquarelles is a travelogue-style artbook that features watercolour paintings of Normandy by Fabrice Moireau with text from Olivier Frébourg. The book's a large format hardcover with 96 pages. The paper used has texture and resembles watercolour. The format of this book is similar to the many travelogue artbooks with Fabrice Moireau's art that I have featured over the years.

The text is in French. I'm not sure if there will be an English translated edition in the future but I certainly hope so because this is a book that should reach more audience who appreciate art, travel and history. There is a lot of text in this book so I'm really missing out.

Just by looking at the places and architecture featured you can tell that Normandy is a place with rich history. As usual, whenever I look at the watercolour sketches of Fabrice Moireau, it really makes me want to travel. The watercolour sketches are stunning with so much detail that you'll want to slow down and just admire the level of care and precision it took to create them. And there are many artworks in this book which I'm sure took a really long time to complete. There are about two to three paintings every two pages so there are probably close to a hundred paintings in this book.

This is a wonderful book. Highly recommended.

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