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Etchr Studio's Mini Workshops and Master Classes are quite extensive

In addition to selling artist tools and supplies under Etchr Lab, the company has now expanded into providing online art courses under Etchr Studio. They also have many free lessons on their Youtube channel which is definitely worth subscribing to.

The last time I looked, they have an impressive catalog with artists from all over the world teaching a variety of subjects including urban scenes, still-life, landscapes, animal & creature, portraiture, cartoon, anatomy and more.

The courses are split into two categories, namely

  • Mini Workshops/Courses (beginner | intermediate): These are 90 minute instructional videos. Usually priced from US $6 onwards.
  • Master Classes (beginner | intermediate): These are 2-3 hour long. They can either be recordings or live with interactions with teachers. Usually priced from US $50 onwards.
  • Free live demos (link): Learn, and also get an idea how the courses are like

There are courses at beginner and intermediate levels. If you're a total beginner, they have full workshops with structured lessons designed just for beginners. Reference photos are provided. There's also a list of supplies you'll need in order to follow along with the lessons.

Go check out the courses and see what you want to learn today.

Maybe go through the best sellers list first. I'm sure you can find your favourite artist there. I found many I follow such as Steve Mitchell, Ian Fennelly, Sarah Van Dongen, Rosin Cure, Shari Blaukopf, Marco Bucci and more.