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I thought this thread is for

I thought this thread is for me! Daniel Smith blacks. How cool. I am amazed to find that I only have two that you mentioned here. I love my Daniel Smith blacks: Hematite with it’s lovely tan under wash, Bloodstone genuine with it’s soft pink undertone. I also include Shadow Violet with my blacks because it looks that way even though it’s more grey. I do not really mix shadows from primaries as you said here. I have been looking at Brenda Swanson’s shadows and she drops in complimentary colors in her shadows and I think that looks so super. I have struggled with shadows before, but not after looking at Brenda’s paintings. I love you fourth sketch here, Teoh, because of the granulation. Beautiful color here. These are of Singapore, aren’t they? I would like Singapore because I ride a scooter too. Too dangerous to ride in large cities here in California, The trucks and cars run me off the road. I am blessed to live in a small town. I like to check in here with you, Parka, even though the books and digital devices don’t interest me. Warmest regards to your wee baby and family.