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Review: Pilot Penmanship Fountain Pen (EF nib)

The Pilot Penmanship is a rather affordable fountain pen that features an Extra Fine nib. I bought mine for US $10.50 on eBay with shipping included.

The only nib available with this pen is the EF nib. So if you're looking for a pen that can draw really thin lines, this is one to consider.

This is more portable compared to the Rotring and Platinum desk pens that also use EF nibs.

The pen is available in five colours, black, transparent, transparent black, transparent pink and transparent blue.

Since the whole pen is plastic, it's lightweight, almost too light.

The grip section is contoured for the thumb and index finger.

The cap doesn't have a clip, and it's designed in a way to prevent the pen from rolling around on the table. The cap can be posted.

Like most Pilot fountain pens, this is easy to dismantle completely. I'm not sure if you can swap other pen nibs onto this pen though.

The feed is translucent which is kinda cool.

There are some indents on the feed to help position the nib correctly.

There's no design on the nib except the brand and nib size.

One ink cartridge is provided with the pen. This fountain pen can use the Pilot CON-50 converter (discontinued) or the Pilon CON-40.

Ink flow is good.

Since the nib is EF, this is a good pen for drawing details.

It's also a good pen for hatching. The nib is stiff so there's no flex at all.

For a pen that's around US $10, it's quite worth the money. This is a good pen to get if you don't already have an EF nib.

Other affordable fountain pens you can consider are Lamy Safari, Moonman, Duke 209 with fude nib, Noodlers Konrad and Noodler's Ahab.


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