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Oh man, i just got this

Oh man, i just got this tablet a week ago, first thing i did was disable the apps i don't use, especially facebook and messanger, leaving me with a an average of 2.15 gigs of ram out of the 3. I don't have any lag problems with sketchbook, and most programs i use like pixly for pixel art barely takes about power.

Huawei really cut the right corners off this tablet and at 275 plus tax it was a steal i have a 1100 microsoft surface 6 and i using this tablet way more than that with the splitscreen option with references on 1 side, my drawing on the other and a small youtube window thanks to oreo 8.0.
The 1920x1200 screen is more than enough to have multiple windows.

Battery is bigger than the expensive samsung tab s4 and the tablet just about 2 days on regular use. I love this tablet!