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Hi Teoh!

Hi Teoh!
I really love your in-depth reviews.
Till now, I have been using a watercolour set from a local brand's artist line which are definitely below international student grade paints in terms of quality. Since I majorly used them to add a bit of colour to some of my sketches, it didn't matter to me much. But, I have finally decided to buy something better, and have been deliberating between this Sennelier Aqua-mini set, and the White Nights 12 pan set. Since a lot of the colours in the White Nights set are not transparent, I have been leaning toward the Sennelier(to learn colour mixing better), but the lack of a good palette box and limitation of variety of colours is what's stopping me. I would appreciate your advice, if you can help me.


PS The Sennelier set is about US $12, and the White Nights is about US $27 in my country.