Review: Veikk A15 Pro drawing tablet

Review unit was provided by Veikk

The Veikk A15 Pro is a 10x6 inch drawing tablet that's almost similar to the previous Veikk A15 except for the extra control wheel. At the time of this review, the Veikk A15 Pro is US $59 on Amazon and the Veikk A15 is US $56. It's definitely worth the extra few dollars to get the control wheel which is actually quite useful.

These are the items in the box:

  • Artist glove
  • Pen and case
  • Pen stand with replacement nibs inside
  • A bag of replacement nibs and nib remover
  • Card with link to download the driver
  • Instruction manual
  • USB cable

Veikk is very generous with the number of replacement nibs included.

The pen case is made of some thick rough felt.

The whole pen's made of plastic so it feels hold, but the build quality is solid. It has a matte surface body which has a good gripe. Weight is considered light to medium. It's not powered by battery so no charging required.

This pen supports up to 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity. There's no tilt sensitivity.

The tablet design is similar to the Veikk A15. It's a clean and simple design.

Four rubber feet on the back provides a good grip on the table.

There are 12 physical shortcut buttons that you can customise.

For the A15 Pro, there's the control wheel inside the red ring. There's a smaller button inside the control wheel for changing the wheel's functionality which is customisable.

The tablet is really thin, and overall well built and solid.

If you're a left handed user, the L-shape USB cable will come out from the bottom right.


Functionality for Windows and Mac drivers is the same. The driver I'm using is

The pressure curve can be adjusted by pulling the point for finer adjustments.

If you're left handed you can change that here. If there are issues with pressure sensitivity, you may need to toggle Windows Ink on or off. E.g. Pressure sensitivity with Photoshop only works with Windows Ink turned on, but pressure for other drawing apps just works regardless.

This is where you can customise the 12 physical shortcut buttons, the control wheel button and the control wheel.

These are the different functionality you can choose for the shortcut buttons. They are quite self explanatory.

Under the Tablet functionality, you can choose these four options:

  • Accurate Mode: Allows the cursor to move much slower to give you more precision
  • Pen/Erase: Toggle between the pen and eraser in most graphic drawing apps
  • Monitor Switch: Allows the mouse cursor to jump from one screen to another screen in dual monitor mode
  • Dial Function Switch: No applicable here as there's no dial

At the time of this review, with MacOS driver, there's no way to change the pressure sensitivity with the pressure curve. And for some reason, the control wheel button doesn't work. One of the twelve buttons can be assigned for the function switch, but the function switch cannot be assigned to the control wheel.

Windows driver works without glitches.

Drawing performance

Overall drawing performance is good on Windows. Lines are smooth, taper well. There's no jitter with slow lines. Pressure can be maintained consistently when drawing slowly. Lines appear just the way you would expect.

Drawing performance is also good on Mac BUT you can only draw with the default pressure curve sensitivity.

Windows Ink needs to be on for pressure sensitivity to work with Photoshop (Win)

Clip Studio Paint (Win)

Medibang Paint Pro (Win)

Adobe Illustrator (Win)

Krita (Win)

Medibang Paint Pro (Mac)

Because there's no way to adjust the pressure curve with the Mac driver, it may be difficult to get the line transition you want. E.g. It's difficult for me to draw fine lines and transition to much thicker lines. I wasn't able to use the driver to make the lines thin when I apply little or no pressure.


It's a well built drawing tablet that looks good. For US $59, it's quite worth the money for the shortcut buttons, control wheel and drawing performance (on Windows).

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Hi, nice reviews! I've read

Hi, nice reviews! I've read previous review about A15 (not pro), and you said there were some issues with line thickness consistency and pressure sensitivity not working on some softwares, does this issue still exist in this A15 Pro? Cheers

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