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BOOK REVIEW: Star Wars - Panel to Panel
04-08-2010, 10:20 AM,
BOOK REVIEW: Star Wars - Panel to Panel
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[Image: sw1.jpg]

Title: Star Wars - Panel to Panel
Author: Randy Stradley
Krad's Rating: 9/10
Audience: Star Wars fans + general artbook lovers
Where to buy: (Star Wars shop), Amazon (US | CA | UK | FR | DE | JP)
[Not linked: Your local Barnes+Noble, Borders, + Books A Million store]
NOTE: There is a volume 2 (not reviewed) out:

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away....

[Image: sw4.jpg]

Need I say more? It's Star Wars! Big Grin I'll say this right off the bat: Not being a SW
fan will dramatically reduce your appreciation for this book, and I wouldn't blame
you for skipping it if it's not your cup of tea. BUT. This seriously has some
gorgeous artwork for anyone interested. Heck, this would probably make a good
coffee-table book for people to flip through and mention that they remembered
said character in the movies.

And there's a LOT of characters to go through. Enough that the creators of this
artbook had to figure out a clever way of organizing it all, which actually was
pretty successful.

[Image: sw3.jpg]

Here's the chapters:
1. Heroes and Allies
2. Villains and Rouges
3. The Jedi
4. Spaceships
5. The Worlds of Star Wars
{+ index of artists and the timeline)

Two-thirds of the book is based on the first 2 chapters alone; but that's all right,
I'm pretty sure that most of us want to see Han Solo and Boba Fett more than a
random planet, right? Thought so.

... Though there are plenty of nice spaceships here!

[Image: sw10.jpg]

There is a slight bias towards the Original Trilogy; though fans of the Clone Wars
will not be disappointed, as there are plenty of Jedi + Sith from that era. Basically
every major character in the film (and EU) WILL have a place in this book, yes,
even Mara Jade and Asajj Ventress. Vader alone had a 12 page spread not
counting his younger self. Also, all of the pages are full-sized, so there won't be
any worries about tiny thumbnails. (Conversely, that does mean there's no
sketches/walkthroughs, but that's not the point of the book.)

[Image: sw11.jpg]

As the title hints, there's quite a bit of material dedicated to the comic-book realm
of SW. Probably around 25-35% of the pages are yank'd from a comic book
somewhere, but they're all outstanding quality, so purists needn't worry. In fact,
they often compliment the static pictures with some humorous statements, and
even one notable heartwarming page. (Vader and 3PO anyone?) If you're
interested in reading said book where the page came from, there's always a
reference down below that lets you know where it came from. Incidentally, there's
also usually a comment about the picture, which often ties together the pictures

[Image: sw5.jpg]

Fans looking more for "Concept Art" need to head elsewhere: this is strictly cover
art that you'd see on the book covers and movie posters and in the pages of comic
books. Some might be disappointed in the lack of anything /else/, but for a fan
who just wants to drool over gorgeous Star Wars artwork, this is absolutely
PERFECT. The quality of the pictures are stellar with no mistakes to see of - the
quality that you'd expect of this franchise. Most of the pictures are somehow
digitally done/influenced, though that doesn't take away anything.

[Image: sw6.jpg]

There isn't really much else to comment on, except that the variety and breadth of
the characters is spectacular. Every single person seems to have a whole life and
personality, even the bounty hunters that you saw for 2 seconds on the screen.
And the artists definitely don't miss that.

[Image: sw9.jpg]

Overall, if you're a Star Wars fan, and you aren't picky about it not being concept
art, this 200 page book is for you. If not, it's still a pretty book with lots of
lightsabers. :>
03-02-2011, 06:13 PM,
RE: BOOK REVIEW: Star Wars - Panel to Panel
Looks nice I will have to track this one, btw I saw another SW Artbook composed mainly of SW comic book covers, any chance you know whats it called?