XP-Pen Deco Fun tablet giveaway

Contest is closed. WInners will be announced shortly.

Big thanks to XP-Pen for sponsoring this giveaway!


1. You must be in Singapore. The boxes are too expensive (heavy) to ship overseas.

2. Contact me with the following information (click here)
Subject header: XP-Pen Deco Fun giveaway

Answer the questions:
Q1. What are you going to do with the tablet?
Q2. Where did you see this giveaway?

3. Closing date is 7 June 2021, Monday, 10pm SGT
Winners will be contacted via the email you provided.

4. Each winner will win one tablet
The size and colours will be random. Delivery is included.

I may close the contest early once I have enough participants.

Good luck!



I will definitely use it for

I will definitely use it for daily use and work with photoshop. Hopefully it is better than my old wacom tablet.I saw the giveaway on your facebook post. I thought it is no harm trying my luck. Thank you Parka!


Hello, I saw your giveaway

Hello, I saw your giveaway contest on youtube.
I am an ambitious student wanting to have a pen tablet. I work using mouse only. I live in India, but I can pay for shipping charges If I win the tablet.

1. I would like to start

1. I would like to start digital illustrations as I'm exploring different mediums of storytelling and I'm particularly interested in graphic novels.
2. I saw this giveaway on this website while browsing through the different art books and products.

Hi Teoh,

Hi Teoh,

Thanks, always nice to see the reviews from your channel.

1) I hope to win the tablet as I would love to try out. I am still very new to digital arts and hopefully with this, I can do more to improve my art journey.
2) Saw this giveaway when I visited your YT channel.

Regards, Chris

Hi, I saw this giveaway on

Hi, I saw this giveaway on your youtube channel

I have an old white xp pen osu tablet that I bought in 2016, however the tablet has a small surface making it difficult to draw digitally with it, so I am trying my luck to win a bigger tablet that will be more efficient for digital drawing.

Have a good day :)_