Assassin's Creed Encyclopedia

Assassin's Creed Encyclopedia

Ubisoft is going to be releasing this Assassin's Creed Encyclopedia in November 2011.

At 256 pages, it's going to have a detailed look at the stories, characters, history and the other AC merchandise.

Here's the making-of video for the book:

You can check out more information and order the book at:

Unfortunately, this book isn't available on Amazon, and after reading the readers' comments there, it seems that shipping cost is going to be astronomical.

Maybe some reader here can get it and review it on the forums.



It cost as much as the book

It cost as much as the book itself to ship to the UK. To bad was about to buy it. $39.99 is alot for the book in the first place but there is no way they can justify the same again on international postage. It simply does not cost that much. $5-10 I wouldn't have given a second thought. Oh well I guess it isn't enough to be a loyal enough fan to actualy want this thing.

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