700th Youtube Video Milestone Giveaway Contest (Ends 13 Sep 2017)

THIS GIVEAWAY CONTEST HAS CLOSED I'll be contacting the winners shortly.

Welcome to this giveaway contest that is made possible by your support on my Youtube channel.

If you've reach this page, it means you are here from the link I posted on Youtube. I did not promote this page on my blog so only my Youtube audience and those with the link (my Patreon supporters) will get to see this page.

As mentioned in the video, there will be a giveaway contest every week until I have no more items to give out. If you want to join all the contests, bookmark this page below:


For this first 700th video milestone giveaway contest, the prizes are as follows:

*Only for those located in Singapore as shipping is expensive


1. You must have posted a comment on one of my videos before
If you have posted a comment in the past, you have a good chance of winning.

2. Contact me with the following information
Subject header: 700 Videos Milestone Giveaway Contest

Tell me your Youtube name and the one prize you want to win from the list above.

Send your entry to:

**Your email will also be added to my newsletter. I usually send out one newsletter each month, the monthly reviews roundup-type of posts. You can always unsubscribe later.

3. Anyone from anywhere can join
Note that you have to be located in Singapore to choose the * prize. Shipping is expensive.

4. Closing date is 13 Sept 2017, 12 noon SGT
There will be 3 winners instead of one (I want to make less trips to the post office). I'll contact the winners on that day, and announce the another giveaway contest on the following day.

While you're here

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And good luck! Hope you win something!



Let me just say that your art

Let me just say that your art work is beautiful. I aspire to be a good as you and get the hang of watercolors too! although being a patron member would be fun/great I don't know how to sign up but I would support u if I could ;)

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