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My binding hasn't come undone

My binding hasn't come undone yet but now that you mention it I will be super careful. I also find it close to unacceptable when that happens. There are certainly a lot of fold out pages, which are cool but I cant see them helping with the binding, I'm sure that's not the reason entirely but again, can't see how it could *help* maintain the structural integrity of the book.

Personally and as a side note not totally associated with KFP2, I wish they would do less of those fold outs and also those mini books and postcards and all that other stuff they glue into some books? like the open season art book?... man that drives me crazy. They ruined the art of open season book (which has really great art in it) with all that additional content. I cannot easily flip through those editions and me removing that additional content makes it even worse. Argh. Ok thats it, Rant over!