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Pixar's early movies are going Blu-ray in May 2009

Finding Nemo

Looks like Pixar's early movies are all going to Blu-ray coming May. That's from Toy Story to The Incredibles. This looks like a good excuse for me to finally buy a PlayStation 3, even if I don't have any time to play games.

Animation movies DVDs

Here's the collection of animation movie DVDs I have. It also seems very likely that I'm going to upgrade all of them. My copy of Finding Nemo is a little pixelated to my liking. There are some Dreamworks and Sony Animation movies too.

The only other movies I'm thinking of getting in Blu-ray right now are only Pan's Labyrinth and BBC's Planet Earth. Oh, and Street Fighter 4 (not a movie).

Here's the list of Pixar movies on Blu-ray I've created on Amazon.