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Movie Review: Avatar


Avatar evokes the same feeling I had when watched BBC's Planet Earth documentary, and when I played the Final Fantasy games. It's the same sense of awe people have exploring new places, looking at new worlds. The visuals are stunning and Pandora is surprisingly believable.

I don't know how they animated the Na'vi and creatures but their performances and acting are really amazing. James Cameron and his crew really nailed the expressions and the nuances of human emotion. While it still looked a bit artificial on the trailer, all that went away in the cinema.

The story is really simple. There's really nothing major to fault about the story besides the loads of cliches and been-there-done-that story arcs. I'm actually more grateful the movie didn't turn out to be irritating or disgusting like some other visual effects laded robot movie this year. If the story had been better, this would be the perfect film of the year.

I watched the movie in 3D and it was pretty cool. There's the sense of depth that make the characters and other objects pop out in a subtle way. Nothing too gimmicky. I can't compare with the 2D version since I didn't watch that, but I'll definitely be getting the blu-ray disc when it comes out.

This movie has sky-high entertainment value. Recommended to all who love sci-fi, action or nature documentaries.

4 out of 5 stars.