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Thanks for the tip about

Thanks for the tip about bargain books! I am really tempted to get Paper Dreams; can't resist a bargain and Disney sketches!!!! But with shipping to Switzerland, Paper Dreams will cost me 34USD (Still kinda worth it though... I have to decide coz I just spent 50USD on books last week!)

I use The Book Depository for my purchases now because they have free shipping and their prices are not far from Amazon's (disclaimer: affiliate link, but in no way a dishonest one!). It's cheaper in the end since shipping is free, and I don't have to bulk order to save on shipping which puts me at risk for Swiss custom taxes! (This has been really random for me, once got charged almost 40USD for duties, taxes and their "we-spent-time-to-check-this" fee). Paper Dreams costs $54 on the Book Depository (free shipping, but no extra bargain price).

Anyway hope the bookstore option helps! They have very few reviews at the moment so if you add yours there I think people would appreciate it!