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Review: Orico 10Gbps M.2 NVMe Enclosure (FV35C3-G2)

Review unit provided by Orico

This Orico M.2 NVMe Enclosure (FV35C3-G2) is a compact 10Gbps enclosure that support M and B&M-key SSDs. This does not support B-key SSDs.

The price here in Singapore is around SGD 40 - 50. You can find this on Lazada Singapore and Shopee Singapore.

These are the items included in the box:

  • Enclosure
  • 2x rubber holder
  • 1x thermal pad
  • 1x thermal pad metal holder
  • 1x 10Gbps USB-C to USB-C&A cable
  • 1x screw and screw driver
  • 1x manual

Installing the NVMe SSD is easy. Just remove the back plate, install the NVMe SSD, put the thermal pad between the SSD and the other piece of metal, screw the back plate. You can use the rubber holder included to hold down the SSD if you want to.

One of the main selling points is the design of the fins which is said to lower the temperature by 5 - 15 degrees compared to other brands of enclosure. I tested file transfers for half and hour and the enclosure was really hot but there was no heat throttling. So heat dissipation works and the design can be said to be effective.

Orico actually has a list of recommended and not recommended SSDs:

  • Recommended: WD SN750 /Samsung 970 EVO / Samsung 980 Pro / SEAGATE 510 series
  • Not recommended: Samsung 970 EVO plus / Samsung PM981 / WD SN850 / ADATA / Crucial

And the company mentioned that WN SD750 will work better with M1 Macs.

These are the transfer speeds I recorded when I tested the enclosure with the recommended WN SN750 and not recommended Samsung 970 Evo Plus on a M1 Macbook Air and LG Gram 2022.

Theoretical 10Gbps is around 1250MB/s. I was able to get around 1050MB/s transfer speeds with the Windows laptop and that's about 30% faster compared to the Mac. That transfer speed is good not too far from the advertised 10Gbps.

The difference in transfer speeds between the recommended and not recommended SSDs isn't as significant. I'm not sure what criteria Orico is using to determine what's a recommended SSD.

Just for comparison purposes, a Samsung T7 portable SSD has measured transfer speeds around 626MB/s read and 732MB/s write. The lowest price I've seen for a 2TB Samsung T7 is SGD 299. The price of a WN SN750 and the Orico enclosure is SGD 283 + 40 = $323. The price difference isn't big and in this case I'll go with the Orico enclosure with an NVMe SSD I choose.

One big advantage of the Orico enclosure vs the Samsung T7 is you can swap out the NVMe SSD in the future should you need to upgrade storage capacity.

This enclosure is definitely fast enough for video editing. Even on the M1 Mac where it's slower, the transfer speed is still fast enough to support 8K DCI 24 format.

If you want something even faster, there's the Orico USB 4 enclosure but that's at least 2 times more expensive.

This enclosure is affordable, beautiful, has solid build quality, good heat dissipation with actual transfer speeds that aren't too far off from the advertised 10Gbps. So it does provide good value for money and is something I can recommend easily. It also comes with 18 months warranty.

If you're interested to buy this, you can find it on Lazada Singapore and Shopee Singapore.