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Thank you for your reviews.

Thank you for your reviews.
I'm looking at the LuIulook and Benks stands for the Ipad Pro 12.9 and have a few questions for you, if that is okay.

Looking at the "non-pro" versions, you mentioned for the Lululook the following "The magnets of this stand are strong, but not strong enough that you can turn the iPad Pro vertically without the tablet detaching. It's best to hold the back place and tablet together when turning."
Does this also apply to the Benks version? or are the magnets on the Benks stronger, that when you rotate it, it won't detach?
Is there a reason to pick one brand over the other, with the price being equal?

I would also like to ask you about the Pro version both brands sell (the one that rotates 360).
When tapping more to the side of the iPad, specifically the bigger one (12.9), with the stand closer to the upright position, will the iPad "move/shake/.."? And is that movement less pronounced on the non-Pro versions?

I'm trying to decide which brand and which model to pick from. I don't necessarily need the 360 rotation but I can still make some use cases for it. But I will value more the one that shakes the less.