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Thank you for all your

Thank you for all your comments. I was just as about to order some W&N Series 7 Miniature brushes in sizes 000, 00, 0 and 3. I already have Nos 1 and 2 and absolutely love them for fine botanical illustration (love their short spotter-like heads for good control). Their points are great and there are no wayward hairs. However, I do also own a Series 7, Size 4 Kolinsky (not Miniature) , which I've had for around 10 years, and have always had a problem with it not coming to a point. It was very expensive at the time so I was disappointed that cheaper brushes could hold a point better. I like Billy Showell's synthetic brushes and wish she made some with shorter hair, like spotters. Rosemary & Co brushes are great too.