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Thank you for this review of

Thank you for this review of W&N Series 7 brushes.

I am a beginner and 'found' these brushes among my daughter's art stuff she left behind when she moved out. Having heard of W&N Series 7 brushes (insanely expensive in Australia) I thought all my Christmases had come at once...

I stumbled upon this blog for the reasons described: I can't get a point no matter what I try, and it is terribly frustrating. Being a beginner, of course I thought it was I who had the problem, now realize it may be the brushes. I also wondered whether the problem of no points may be due to the brushes not having been used in ages.

@Marialena Sarris:
I think I understand what you are hinting at but didn't quite know how to go about selecting good synthetic brushes.