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All Kolinsky brushes can

All Kolinsky brushes can potentially have such problems as they are made from a very specific kind of soft natural hair. That is the reason why you have to test their point and their snap before you buy them.

You can do the test as follow: You have to soak them into water in order to remove the protective film from the bristles ( that is usually Gum Arabic) and when they are completely clean and soaked in the water, you either shake them on the air, like a thermometer or knock them lightly on the edge of the water container. If the brush is manufactured properly with high quality ( and not curly, or bent ) hair, then it will come to a straight and very sharp point.

The opposite will happen if the brush has any kind of manufacturing problem.

Keep in mind that all natural hair brushes don't look pointy when they are dried. They get pointy only when they are wet and only if they are made with the right kind of natural hair. As they are all hand made from hair that come from different animals the quality might not be consistent.

That is the reason why you should always test them and buy your Kolinskys at a store and not online.

As for W&N: I have read the recent years various complaints about the quality of its products and I have noticed my self that the quality of their watercolours is not as good as it used to be. They have probably changed the way they manufacture them and they are less pigmented and tend to shrink and dry rock hard
something that didn't happen previously.

If you interested to get some seriously pointy and high quality brushes check the Loew Cornell Ultra Rounds. These are synthetics of course but I'm not either way a fan of natural hair brushes ( for reasons that I will not discuss here). I'll review these brushes in my blog as they are currently my favourite brushes. Check them out and lets see if our opinions match!