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This fantastic leather cover

This fantastic leather cover is reusable and as it wears off in time it will get softer and prettier. So I think that this cover should have been sold separately from the bound pages and made in such a way that would allow you to attach it on any other brand's sketchbooks with similar size and orientation as an extra luxurious protective cover. ( probably landscape A5s)

I would suggest to remove the leather cover, attach in the underside of its front and back cover two wide elastics (use strong suitable for leather glue for this job) and then attach the leather cover on any of the sketchbooks that you currently use.

Another way that you could use this cover is to open two- three vertical holes on the top and the bottom of its spine and then put there some round elastics ( like those of the Midori sketchbooks).
Then use the elastics to hold in the sketchbook signatures made by loose sheets of your favourite watercolour paper that would be cut of course at the proper size.