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Whoa! Wacom Cintiq Pro announced!

I was on Wacom's website and saw the Cintiq Pro that they have put on the front page. I clicked on the link and it brought me to a page with some product shots and a form to sign up for info on the actual release, which is suppose to be in December 2016.

There's no mention of any specifications though. Perhaps it could be similar to the MobileStudio Pro that was announced earlier.

Let's see the photos.

There are going to be two models, the 13 and 16. If they are of the same size of the MobileStudio Pro, then the exact screen size should be 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch, The WCP 13 is clearly going to replace the . The WCP 16 sits between the 13 and 22HD.

The pen, if it's the same on from the MobileStudio Pro, is going to have 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity.

To keep the design clean, it looks like they have not included any physical shortcut keys on the front. That's the Wacom Express Key Remote by the side. I guess the Express Key Remote is going to be sold separately to keep the cost down because that remote cost USD $100 on its own.

Looks like the screen is going to have some sort of texture. It's not totally glossy. From this angle, the display looks quite thin. There's a Thunderbolt (3?) port in USB-C. And is that a SD card slot?

There's no photo of the other side so we can't tell how it's going to be connected to the computer.

Is that a pen holder at the top? Looks like it's detachable because I don't see that in other photos. At the top right looks like some touch buttons. And there's a built in stand.

That's quite a bit bezel but big is good because at least there's space to rest the hand while drawing near the edges.

Looks like the stand only has one position. It also looks like the back is going to be thicker than the front.

That's all I can surmise from looking at the photos. I won't be surprised if the specifications are similar to the MobileStudio Pro. Overall, it looks like Wacom has taken the MobileStudio Pro and removed the computer. It's a good move because some might just want to get the screen alone. This is what Microsoft should have done for the Surface Studio.