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Brigada Comics Vol 1 and 2 by Enrique Fernandez

Brigada Volume 1 - 01

A reader Enrique Fernandez was kind enough to send me two comic books that he has released recently a few months ago.

Enrique Fernandez is a Spanish comic book artist who managed to self published his Brigada series of comics. So far there are two volumes.

Each book is rather short with only 48 pages. The story is about how a veteran dwarf is made captain to a bunch of convicts. They had to fight against the black elves and in these two volumes they had to journey through a mysterious fog and watch out for what lurks within. Other characters include some witches who's trying to make some spells, and for some reason I can't figure out how they matter in the plot, but that's just me. And there are two kids who had to tag along with the dwarf brigade.

The artworks are pretty nice. I like the line art.

These two books are also the result the two successful crowd-funding campaigns. Each campaign required Euro $39,000.

In addition, there are also artbooks published alongside the comics. I was also sent an artbook for the second volume of comics. You can check that out at

You can get the books, including digital editions at

Brigada Volume 1 - 02

Brigada Volume 1 - 03

Brigada Volume 1 - 04

Brigada Volume 1 - 05

Brigada Volume 1 - 06

Brigada Volume 1 - 07

Brigada Volume 1 - 08

Brigada Volume 1 - 09

Brigada Volume 2 - 01

Brigada Volume 2 - 02

Brigada Volume 2 - 03

Brigada Volume 2 - 04

Brigada Volume 2 - 05

Brigada Volume 2 - 06

Brigada Volume 2 - 07